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TVET Council Barbados



Supporting your child or ward in his/her journey through preparation for the world of work is important. In this section you can arm yourself with information that can assist in guiding your child. You may even decide to embark on TVET – i.e. workforce training - for the benefit of your own career or business! Click the links to get started.

What’s in it for your child?

TVET can help your child train and further develop his/her skills for the world of work in a number of ways:

Occupational Standards

Occupational Standards are precise descriptions of what employees are expected to know and be able to do in their work roles. They are designed to base training, qualifications and recognition of achievement on independent evidence of what people are able to do. Through Occupational Standards your child will:

Get recognised! 
He/she will achieve recognition, progression and upward mobility (work as well as education and training related)

Get better access
Improved access to training and qualifications he/she may previously have been unable to get

Have his/her skills evaluated fairly
He/she will receive fair and just assessment and development opportunities because of independent criteria and open access to qualifications

Click Here for more information on Occupational Standards.

National/Caribbean Vocational Qualifications

National/Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (N/CVQs) are work-related certifications that measure an employee’s level of competence. They are awarded by the TVET Council and offer several benefits:

Recognition of Knowledge and Skills

Increased Job Satisfaction

Improved Progress Up the Career Ladder

Flexible Route to Getting Qualified

Improved Employability and Transferability

Click here for more information on N/CVQS including benefits to the country, levels of qualifications, where they are available, as well as how they are earned.

Vocational training isn’t only for those with certain types of skills or jobs; it can benefit everyone. That’s because to be prepared for and excel in the world your child will need to understand both the theory AND have the practical skills to do the job. Do you think he/she are ready to make the next move?

Career Guidance

From customer service to care of the older adult, there are a number of careers for your child to choose from.

This section shares introductory information on Occupational Standards and National/Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (N/CVQs) for a variety of careers. The standards provide an idea of what your child should know and be able to do in his/her work role. The individual will receive N/CVQs when assessed against these Standards as demonstrating competence in his/her work role.

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