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Complaints Procedure

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Complaints Procedure

The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council is committed to delivering quality services in a professional, efficient, effective and timely manner to all customers and stakeholders.

The Customer Service Commitments of the TVET Council are based on providing premium customer service by treating all persons fairly and respectfully without discrimination and prejudice. These commitments speak to providing information that is clear, concise, current and complete.

The TVET Council values the relationship with its customers and stakeholders and is interested in your complaints and feedback about our products and services and the delivery of these services. The TVET Council will take complaints received seriously and will investigate the matters in a meaningful, transparent and timely manner.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the TVET Council’s Products and Services inclusive of centre approval decisions, qualification approval decisions, assessment decisions, verification decisions, certification claims, decisions about funding from Employment Training Fund (ETF) and any other matters.

Procedure to make a complaint:

  • Complaints can be made
    • Verbally via telephone at (246) 435-3096 to the Customer Service Representative, Senior Technical Officer, Manager, Technical Services Unit and Manager of Finance and Corporate Services
    • Complaints can be made via Email:
    • Letter –addressed to the Executive Director Hastings House West, Balmoral Gap, Hastings, Christ Church
  • Complaint Resolution Process
    • All complaint information will be handled sensitively and confidentially.
    • The TVET Council will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within two working days.
    • The complaint will be registered in the complaints log and a reference number given.
    • The TVET Council will investigate the complaint in accordance with the Complaint Resolution process
      • Level 1
        The Customer Service Officer and the Senior Technical Officer or Business Development Officer investigate the complaint and resolve the matter.

        Complaints not resolved at Level 1 are referred to Level 2.

        Time: 10 working days

      • Level 2
        The complaint is referred to the Manager, Finance and Corporate Services and/or Manager, Technical Services and an appropriate resource person who will conduct the investigation and resolve the matter.

        Complaints not resolved at Level 2 are referred to Level 3

        Time: 10 working days

      • Level 3
        The complaint is referred to the Complaints Committee. This is a three member Committee comprising the Executive Director and two (2) persons designated from the Management team. The complaint is investigated and resolved.

        Complaints not resolved at Level 3 are referred to Level 4

        Time: 10 working days

      • Level 4
        The complaint is referred to the Council. The Council can request any additional information and source any professional services needed to assist in the resolution of the complaint. The complaint is resolved.

        Time: 20 working days

    • If the matter cannot be resolved within the agreed time frame, the TVET Council will provide an update to the complainant on the progress of the investigation and the new timeline for completion.
    • The TVET Council will meet with the complainant and share the solutions to resolve the complaint.


The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council is committed to its guiding principles of continuous improvement and stakeholder satisfaction and the process of complaints and feedback is pivotal to informing and revising the Products and Services offered.

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