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TVET Council Barbados


To individuals

To individuals

  • It provides the opportunity for the recognition of lifelong learning through the granting of certification of professional certification at appropriate levels.
  • It saves time because they do not have to repeat learning for skills or knowledge they already have
  • It allows a fast-track to recognized qualifications
  • It can have a significant impact on self-esteem and motivation
  • It provides an opportunity to have knowledge and skill gaps identified and addressed

To employers

  • It provides a way of more effectively and efficiently utilizing skills already in the workplace
  • It enables skill gaps to be identified, providing a sound basis for training needs analysis and career planning
  • It fosters a learning culture, since its builds confidence to undertake further education and training
  • It provides an opportunity for an increase in the number of certified workers available
To employers
To training providers

To training providers

  • It provides better use of training resources through reduced teaching/training time and resources
  • It  can assist the development of learner and employer-centred training programmes
  • It has genuine and valuable learning outcomes in its own right, regardless of whether recognition is awarded
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