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TVET Council Barbados

Recognition of Contributors - Mrs. Joy Adamson

Mrs. Joy Adamson, Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) has supported the TVETC since her appointment in 2014.

Also serving as the Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, Mrs. Adamson noted that her work on the Quality Assurance Committee has made her cognizant of the required and acceptable standards for approval of institutions.

She explained: "The post makes me more aware of the quality assurance process and keeps me abreast of the standards required at all educational institutions as it relates to N/CVQs… It is extremely important as we aim to prepare our students to function effectively in the workforce or become entrepreneurs.”

This process, however, aims to better not only students, but also those who help them prepare for the next stage of their lives: “The standards required for the educational institutions has resulted in improvements of the teaching staff and of the physical plants. It has also resulted in teachers and instructors improving themselves professionally especially in the area of competence-based education," she explained.

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