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TVET Council Barbados

Recognition of Contributors - Dr. Janelle Chase-Mayers

Dr. Janelle Chase-Mayers has been contributing to the Council's efforts to prepare individuals for the world of work for the past year. She has done so by contributing to the development and validation of the occupational standards in Wellness Promotion Level 2.

For Dr. Janelle Chase-Mayers, working as an occupational expert was a thought-provoking and riveting experience. She described the position as a "natural extension" of her work as a higher-level educator in psychology and social work.

“It was an extension of teaching and actually creating the curriculum that is ultimately leading to best practices in the field that I am in, especially as a wellness professional,” she said.

Dr. Chase-Mayers has dedicated 16 years of her life to mental health, and she explained how working with the TVETC plays a role in her commitment, as well as how the role has benefited her career.

“I get to create almost a body of work that other people would have to rely on. So, it allows me to show not only my expertise in that area, but my commitment to making sure that area grows effectively within the Barbados and the Caribbean landscape as a whole.”

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