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Train the Trainer (CBET) Workshop

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The CBET Train-the-Trainer workshop is aimed at equipping individuals with the necessary tools to:

  • Plan competence- based training and assessment programmes using occupational standards and N/CVQs developed by industry
  • Deliver these programmes using competence - based methods
  • Review training programmes
  • Deliver quality service to customers

The main goal of this workshop is to improve the quality of training delivered so that learners can acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for effective job performance and productivity.

What is CBET?

CBET stands for Competence Based Education and Training. It is a methodology used to deliver technical and vocational education and training that focuses on what the learner “should be able to do” at the end of a learning experience. It is a flexible modular based system where a learner can obtain as many modules as they wish to lead to the certification they need.

CBET is based on five essential elements:

  1. The competencies to be acquired are carefully:
    • Identified
    • Verified (local)
    • Made public (transparency)
  2. The Criteria and Conditions for assessing learner achievement are:
    • Based on the specified competencies
    • Based on Business/Industry standards
    • Explicitly stated and explained to learners in advance of assessment
  3. The instructional programme:
    • Is designed to help learners achieve each specified competency
    • Provides for different student learning styles
    • Provides for a range of student abilities
  4. The assessment of student competency:
    • Takes knowledge and attitudes into account
    • Requires performance as the primary source of evidence
  5. Learners progress through the instructional programme:
    • At their own rate
    • By demonstrating the attainment of specified competencies rather than time or course completion

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for trainers, instructors and teachers within academic or technical institutions. It is also for Human Resources Managers, Training Officers/Managers and anyone involved in the delivery of training programmes.

Benefits of CBET Train-the-Trainer Workshop

  1. Participants will achieve competencies required for the performance of their role as a trainer/instructor.
  2. Participants will be able to interpret occupational standards and use them for training needs analysis.
  3. Participants will be able to develop training programmes using occupational standards.
  4. Participants will learn how to use different instructional methodologies to facilitate learning.

Assessment and Certification

Assessment will be through class presentations and the review of a portfolio of evidence built to satisfy ten (10) units of the occupational standard for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) in Training and Development Level 4.

Participants will be awarded the CVQ, or Statements of Competence, once they are found competent in either all or some of the following units:

  1. Analyse competency requirements
  2. Evaluate the training/assessment system
  3. Train small groups
  4. Plan and promote a training programme
  5. Plan a series of training sessions
  6. Deliver training sessions
  7. Review training
  8. Communicate information related to work activities
  9. Deliver service to customers
  10. Operate a personal computer.


Please see the schedule for Train-the-Trainer Programme below:

Location:TVET Council Barbados
Contact:TVET Council Barbados
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