Qualifications Framework

In this section find out more about certification for a world-class workforce including benefits, levels of qualifications and availability.


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What are National/Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (N/CVQs)?

N/CVQsare work-based qualifications awarded by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council that certify you are competent to do your job. CVQs are the regional equivalent of NVQs.


Are N/CVQs for me?

If you’re interested in getting certification to prove your competence at work, then N/CVQs are definitely for you.


Where are they available?

You can enroll for N/CVQs through public training providers such as the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic. Enrolment is also available through approved private training providers.


In what occupations are N/CVQs available?

N/CVQs are available for a number of occupational areas including:



Do I have to do an exam to get N/CVQs?

No, there are no exams. N/CVQs are proof that you have demonstrated your ability to perform a work role to the approved standards. Individuals are assessed in either their job settings or a simulated workplace by performing related tasks and job functions. For example, to gain the NVQ in Food and Drink Service Level 1, a waiter's or waitress’ assessment may include taking customers’ orders and serving food and beverages to them.


Who conducts the N/CVQ Assessments?

Assessments are conducted by practitioners with expertise in the relevant occupational area who themselves have been trained, assessed and certified by the TVET Council.


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