Qualifications Framework

In this section find out more about certification for a world-class workforce including benefits, levels of qualifications and availability.

Assessment Chain

The N/CVQ ‘chain’ includes several players:

  • Candidates - People who want certification for their occupational competence
  • Assessors - People in direct contact with candidates who are appointed by an approved centre to assess candidates’ competence
  • Internal verifiers - Appointed by an approved centre, they check the quality of assessment within that centre
  • Approved centres - Organisations approved by TVET Council for delivering N/CVQs. They can be educational institutions, training providers, or employers
  • External verifiers - People appointed by TVET Council to check the internal quality assurance of approved centres. They are a key link between TVET Council and the centres
  • Awarding body - The TVET Council awards certificates for units and full N/CVQs. It monitors the assessment, and provide external verification to make sure candidates are assessed fairly and consistently
  • Industry lead bodies - Groups (each representing an occupational area) comprising employers and practitioners, which develop the standards on which N/CVQs are based